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Justice is maximizing welfare for as many people as possible no matter what sacrifices must be made. Maximizing welfare is “ensuring that the standard of living will increase for everyone or for as many people as possible” (Sandel 19). The novel “The Wine of Astonishment” by Earl Lovelace, is a book about the Spiritual Baptists during British colonial rule in a town called Bonasse in Trinidad from 1917 to 1951. The story is told from the point of view of Eva, a member of the Baptist church and wife of Bee. In the novel, the character Bee is seen as the hero because of his heroic actions. He fits into Joseph Campbell’s definition of a hero in “Hero’s Journey,” which states that “the hero is the protagonist or central character, whose primary…show more content…
He continued to have Baptist services, which resulted in him and the other people of the church being arrested and beaten, but they kept their faith and never swayed in their beliefs. Although they didn't worship as a church for a while, many of the people continued to identify as Baptist. Some people, like Ivan Morton, ended up converting to Catholicism once he became the pupil teacher at a Catholic school which causes him to sever his connection with the working class of Bonasse. As for the other people of the village, most preserved their faith and didn’t let the police, or anyone else stop them from believing what they believe in. Thanks to Bee continuously encouraging then to remain Baptist in the hope of one day being able to worship as they please. Bee continues to showcase his heroic actions by trying to “preserve faith in his vision and in his community in the face of betrayal” (Lovelace XVIII). This ties back to the first paragraph where Bee will preserve his vision of faith and encourages the community to keep their faith even in the face of betrayal. Whether it be betrayal from the police, one of his kids, or even friends, he continues to encourage people to worship as they please even if it is

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