Summary: Is College Worth The Cost

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College: Worth the Cost Sending a kid off to college is a terrifying and joyful thing for parents from what I have heard personally. Some parents are horrified at the thought of their teen living without supervision and being able to come and go as they please. Partying at sorority or fraternity houses is all parents think college consist of. It 's a place to learn and grow as an individual, a place of hope for a fresh start. Yes, college is suppose to be fun but also for starting a future. College is worth the cost in my opinion because people can use education to grow and further themselves in day to day life, get the best education possible, and get higher paying occupations. First of all, a college education can be used in many different ways. In “Executive Summary” “Is College Worth It?” researchers from Pew Research Center state that “74% say…show more content…
In “What’s a Liberal Art Education Good For?” President Michael S. Roth states “Successful liberal education develops the capacity for innovation and for judgment.” There are many different types of education making it very hard to decide on a school and program to go into. “Liberal learning differs from all types of learning.” (Roth) I believe Liberal learning stands out from the others because it teaches people to strategize and work through problems and not to just give up which is something very hard to learn in life. Lastly, getting a good college education can help the likes of getting a higher paying occupation. As Pew Researchers state that “Adults with no college degree on average make $20,000 less.” Higher paying jobs want people that are experienced and educated in that certain field of study. In “Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off.” David Leonhardt implies that “full time workers with bachelor 's degree made 40% more than those without.” I believe that getting a higher paying job will help to pay of debt and loans more
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