Summary: Is It Possible To Act Ethically

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Yes it is very possible to act ethically, and most people make a conscious effort to act in such a way. Our definition of ethics as an individual is formed by our upbringing and government legal system through laws, and acceptable rules that allow us to coexist as a community. The reason why most people want to act ethically is to be accepted by their families, peer groups, and not violate the laws, which would result in a person being ostracized from friends, family and peers resulting in the possible loss of freedom. There are many ways personally and professedly to act ethical in life. In work to strive to be honest, trustworthy, dependable, personally to be honest, loyal, and benevolent are all good traits that are associated with…show more content…
Working in retail stealing cash or merchandise, as an ethical person I would not commit these acts because I know it is against society rules, I understand the consequences. An easy example to think about is if you were to find a bag with large sum of money, the question is do you keep it, although you know it is wrong, or do you turn it in to the authorities even though you could use the money. I think everyone would hesitate for a moment, but our morals tell us this is unethical because it is considered stealing because it does not belong to us. Therefore the ethical thing to do is bring to the police. Another example of ethical behavior involves, respect and dignity of an individual, as treating diversity morally as we would want to be treated. Not just talking about it but taking actions to accomplish a difference. I know that I am acting ethically from my moral compass which has been defined by my life experiences good or bad. Using the outcomes as a guide to teach me how I want to live, which has reinforced by my upbringing, society and government legal system? I am able to differentiate what is morally unacceptable because I live in a society of laws and defined acceptable behaviors, honesty, value for human life

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