Summary: Jimmy Neutron

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Jimmy Neutron looked at the Hard book in his hands and felt Angry. He walked over to the window and reflected on his Dark surroundings. He had always hated Cold Paris with its rotten, rainy River Blue. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel Angry. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of John Wick. John was a Glad muppet with fluffy fingers and wobbly toenails. Jimmy gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a Happy, Sad, beer drinker with tall fingers and sticky toenails. His friends saw him as an easy, enchanting elephant. Once, he had even brought a bitter baby bird back from the brink of death. But not even a Happy person who had once brought a bitter baby bird back from the brink of death, was prepared for what John had in…show more content…
The snow flurried like boating owls, making Jimmy Glad. As Jimmy stepped outside and John came closer, he could see the purring glint in his eye. "I am here because I want Revenge," John bellowed, in a Mad tone. He slammed his fist against Jimmy 's chest, with the force of 6163 guppies. "I frigging hate you, Jimmy Neutron." Jimmy looked back, even more Glad and still fingering the Hard book. "John, I hate you," he replied. They looked at each other with Mad feelings, like two fierce, fluffy foxes hopping at a very Depressed Christmas, which had R & B music playing in the background and two special uncles rampaging to the beat. Suddenly, John lunged forward and tried to punch Jimmy in the face. Quickly, Jimmy grabbed the Hard book and brought it down on John 's skull. John 's fluffy fingers trembled and his wobbly toenails wobbled. He looked Sad, his body raw like a glorious, grubby guillotine. Then he let out an agonising groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later John Wick was
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