Summary: La Leyenda Negra About Spanish Colonialism?

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HISTORICAL DISINFORMATION 12. La leyenda negra about Spanish colonialism: explain. The Leyenda Negra (black legend) of the Spanish Inquisition is a term used by those authors who consider the existence of a fantasized or exaggerated of the Spanish Inquisition as the architype of terror and human barbarity. It was an exaggeration because many of the stories were not true or at least not in the way they were told. For example, part of this Leyenda Negra tells that the inquisition killed almost the whole indigenous population. Something that is not true. If a person see closely in Latin America there are hundreds of indigenous habitants, which does not support the idea of a human barbarity against the indigenous people. It is not true about the Aztecan society that is said that they could have killed around 70000 men as sacrificial rituals. However, the story tells of the way the Spaniard conquerors treated people is not so true, according to Dr. Gennarini’s book. In his book, Dr. Gennarini says that because of the…show more content…
In other words, this course has reaffirmed the necessity of the confession of the true divinity and the true humanity of Christ. The necessity to preach about the incarnation and the propagation of the Good News to every single corner of the world. The Church is in a constant need to take this massage to every single human being, even against the will of many who try to stop the transmission of the truth. The truth is what makes us free, as Jesus told us. This truth is the mission of the Church. Many have been the ones who have tried to overshadow the truth throughout the history of humanity. Some of them have even used the truth for their own purpose disfiguring the truth. The sad part is that it is not over yet, the Church expects relentless attacks against the truth, which have not the Church as the ultimate end but that have humanity as
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