Summary: Legislative History Of Medicaid

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Legislative history of Medicaid goes back to 1965 when it was created through the Social Security Act. According to the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare (2010), “The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) Plan was made for children under the age of 21” (p. 1). This was very big at the time because it was used to try to prevent diseases for children at this time. Most of it was prevention and early intervention to try to have young people healthy as they become adults. According to the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare (2010), “In the 1970s, Medicaid began to give coverage for people in intermediate care facilities” (p. 1). During this time in history, the supplemental security income for the elderly…show more content…
Government Site for Medicare (2010), “In 1981, Medicaid patients had more flexibility and choice to select their own health care providers” (p. 1). This was helpful so people could pick providers that they wanted and not forced to have providers they did not find useful. Growing up, I used Medicaid and I remember my mother not liking the pediatrician my siblings and I had. She wanted the provider that helped her deliver all her children and it was not a problem to go back. I find that very useful for people that do not know the dominate language to be able pick providers that are able to speak their language. I have heard so many horrifying stories that people over dosed on medication because they did not understand the instructions the provider told them. Putting this clause into effect has been very beneficial for people to get their needs met in their terms. According to the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare (2010), “By 1982 every state had Medicaid, and by 1989 dental services were added in every state” (p. 1). This to me is the most important piece to the puzzle when it comes to Medicaid. Every state was able to provide medical coverage to every citizen of their state, which is an enormous accomplishment for state and federal government. The government was finally able to provide medical services to people of low or no income for the first time in history. According to the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare (2010), “In

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