Summary: Liberal Leader Wilfrid Laurier

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The 20th century would be the century for Canada, declared Liberal leader Wilfrid Laurier. Would this statement prove to be true? How far has Canada come as a country? How will the 20th century be the century for Canada? Wilfrid Laurier became prime minister in 1896 and had great plans for Canada. He pushed an ambitious agenda promoting industries, building railways and opening the west to immigrants from Europe. With that Canada started its way to multiculturalism. However, this plan didn’t present equal opportunities for immigrants. British people got jobs before others, and immigration threatened the survival of the natives. So the government gave the natives rules and regulations and made them give up their land and culture. How did this…show more content…
John was successful at law, and by 19 he was involved in politics. In 1844 he was elected to the legislative assembly of the province of Ontario, from there on he worked hard to make sure we would have a strong government. John first apposed Confederation, but soon he was an advocate for it. John had a monumental impact on the dominion of Canada being born, and by July 1, 1867 that’s just what happened, Canada was born. John was the first Prime Minister of Canada, but in 1873 people found out John’s government accepted money from US bankers of CPR, this was called the Pacific Scandal, and it was damaging to Johns reputation and forced him to resign. Because of this, Alexander Mackenzie and liberals triumphed the election. However, John Macdonald was undaunted and won the election in 1878, he was for the ‘New nation Policy’. He never got to retire, at 76 years of age, he campaigned hard, and in 1891 he was using the slogan “The old Flag, The Old Policy, The Old Leader”. He won, but was exhausted, and sadly he died just 3 months later. John did leave an amazing legacy behind, 3 policy’s that launched Canada Confederation and the expansion of a number of provinces to Include Manitoba (1870), B.C. (1871), PEI (1873) and one of the first Canadian transcontinental railway (Canadian Pacific Railway) and the National Policy. When John died, people were scared about what would happen to

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