Summary: Lord Of The Flies

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Symbols: The Stairs That Take A Story To The Next Level (HOOK) The way through which a novel utilizes symbols often helps to elevate it to new heights by providing it with multiple meanings. (CI) The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding can be described as the epitome of this situation. (GS1) The symbols in this novel could perhaps have a religious purpose. (GS2) On the other hand, the symbols could be providing a message regarding society. (GS3) Finally, the symbols utilized in this novel can be so influential that they could make a statement about human nature itself. (THESIS STATEMENT) The symbolism in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding points toward several truths about (I) religion, (II) society, (III) and human nature…show more content…
(RE-WORDING MA) The chaos of society is represented by the plane crash and the several generations involved throughout the novel. (MINOR 1 FOR MA) First, the plane crash symbolizes the breakdown of society in the world. Ralph describes the incident by telling, “The plane was shot down in flames” (Golding 26). Just as the plane is shot down in flames, society can also break down in the same way. When the plane crashes into the island, the wreckage that it leaves behind symbolizes the chaos of the destruction of society. Since the boys rise from the wreckage of a collapsed society, each of their unique personalities shows how people could react during times of chaos. For example, Ralph clings to order, while Jack does the exact opposite by reverting to savagery. (MINOR 2 FOR MA) Then, the numerous generations of people that are represented throughout the novel are highly symbolic. On the island, the society that the boys create is composed of older boys and younger boys, known as “littleuns.” The older boys represent the next generation of evil that will rise to power in the world, since they will be the world’s next leaders. The “littleuns” are meant to symbolize the emerging generation of evil, as they are learning from watching the actions of the older boys. At the end of the book, a current naval officer seemingly rescues both groups of boys from the island. However, the naval officer is not really rescuing them, because he will be returning them to a war-torn world. When Ralph realizes this at the end of the novel, “Ralph wept for the end of innocence and the darkness of man’s heart” (Golding 158). Therefore, the naval officer symbolizes the present evil in the world, whom no one can be saved from. (RE-WORDING OF B) In the novel, democracy is often alluded to, especially
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