Summary: Monotheistic Religion

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I would define religion as the study of the spirit and of how everything came to be. Hinduism is a monotheistic religion that believes in one God that is all pervasive both eminent and transcendent believing karma which is the universal law of cause and effect we believe in the rebirth and reincarnation and eventually once we’ve become protected will achieve moksha from will merge with God believing in Dharma which is the necessity of righteous living of living and seeing God within everybody and doing our duty to society is what’s important and not what namely, God. I’m the sole is essentially one with but I’m already we just don’t know it yet we have this vale of my our illusions which gives us the idea that we are separate from God once…show more content…
Unlike the Western religions we do not believe in and in an intrinsic evil Hinduism doesn’t have an eternal heaven and hell it has states of being where karma is burned off either there is no place that nonbelievers will go if you have if you have faith that you’re a good person and you achieve good Karma in Western religions the universe is created one spelling will be destroyed once in Hinduism universes constantly being created preserved destroyed and re-created there is no heaven or hell there is everyone has one past and that is towards God I’m Hindus do not try to convert people into their faith usually we believe it every faith is a valid and if you want to be a Christian if you believe in Jesus and that is perfectly don’t want to take you away from so there are obviously always going to be radicals to say that this is the only way but as a general rule Hindus do not believe that any other religion is wrong and so we won’t force anybody into our religion that is very much a personal thing is not required well I was raised Catholic and I never really connected with so spiritual for really long time and I was reading about all the different religions to see if I fit into any of them and once I started reading about Hinduism my mind just opened I was like wow this I believe this this is amazing I didn’t think anybody else really believe what I believe so I kept reading and reading and reading and after about a year to I decided to go to temple is really scary because I
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