Mustapha Mond Analysis

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Throughout the whole book we see many things that people today would find absurd. During chapter three we read a little bit about sexuality and then we start to follow an odd character named Mustapha Mond who is an intelligent person and is in charge of all the banned things from the "old world". Mustapha Mond is rumored to own these artifacts and read them from time to time. These artifacts are religious like the bible to books like Shakespeare. During the tour Mustapha Mond starts to talk about the past resulting in a lecture about religion. During the presentation he talks about Christianity and says, "There was a thing, as I've said before, called Christianity." Following that quote he says, "Ending is better than mending." He finishes…show more content…
This quote affects me in a whole way because I myself am catholic. I simply don't understand why Mustapha would judge religious people for actions they have done. In our world we see that religious people are in some way affected by crime, poverty, and depression which in a way may result in drug addiction and alcoholism. These people have reasons for these things even if it sounds strange they have no control over it. Back in the 80's we would see people doing drugs and selling them in order to get money and take care of their families. Life has been filled with surprises that have affected them in so many ways. We see people fall in depressions that have caused them to do multiple things that they never expected in a million years of doing such as abusing prescription pills and becoming alcoholics. Throughout the worse things that can happen in life we always have that one being we have faith in and that is god. This higher power is what gives these people some sort of faith and happiness in some way. God is our last resort and what many of us need at some point in our live. Mond makes it seem like religious people were hopeless and dumb but as we can see right now that is not the case. Between our worlds the only thing that separates us is
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