Azzurrina The Little Blue One Analysis

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Name of Story- Little Blue One URL- Summary- A little girl named Azzurrina,the little blue one, received a new red rag doll. Later at a banquet her dad said that she shouldnt play with her new gift but she disobeyed so ,she was rolling her rag doll and it rolled down the stairs and so Azzurrina chased it and all of the sudden she was gone. No one ever found her, but she still haunts that castle. Analysis-The moral of the story is to always listen to your parents and do not disobey. Name of Story- A Crime of Honour URL- Summary-A soldier traveled 700 meters to protect a castle against its feircest enemies, the Montefeltros, and while he was down there the brave soldier met a…show more content…
Fairytales Name of Story-Giovannuzza the Fox URL- Summary-The father died, and Joseph lived on in the cottage alone, selling the pears from the tree to provide for himself. But once the season for pears was over, it looked as though he would starve to death, since he was incapable of earning his bread any other way. Strangely enough, the season for pears ended, but not the pears. When they’d all been picked, others came out in their place, even in the middle of winter; it was a charmed pear tree that bore fruit all year long, and so the youth was able to go on providing for himself. Analysis-The moral of the story is even when things get rough, dont stop doing what your doing because the rewards will never stop. Name of Story- How the Devil Married Three Sisters URL-
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