Summary: Night Elie

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Night describes Elie’s horrific years in the concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Buna. People assume that our modern day-society will never allow such genocides to occur. However, persecutions are still at large in Syria. Saudi Arabians and Iranis are fighting and killing each other, because they believe their religion is superior to the other. Many countries are still controlled by strict dictators and their corrupt government. Although Night features an unimaginable dystopia, many similar events are occurring even today.

In Night Elie lives in dehumanizing concentration camps where death follows him daily. According to an article, Modern Slavery: Why dehumanizing the ‘Other’ concerns all of us, by Simone Datzberger, 122 types of
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The government in North Korea restricts and censors the media of all types ranging from the internet to newspapers and radios to televisions. says that “No external media are allowed free access to North Korea” It shows that the control of the government of North Korea reaches to every little thing that could put a unique political thought in your head. “Government control extends to artistic and academic circles, and visitors report that the primary function of plays, movies, books, and the performing arts is to contribute to the cult of personality surrounding Kim Il Sung.” Just as Hitler and his SS army monitored and restricted the Jew’s every choice, North Korea bans and censors any information against the government and controls everything so that it puts the government in the best possible light. In both North Korea and concentration camps, everyone’s information, media, and even personal choices are closely monitored and…show more content…
Two traits of a dystopia: “Citizens live in a dehumanized state”, and “Information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted” are found both in Elie’s dystopia and parts of our modern-day society and world. However, in some parts of the world such as America, we live with freedoms and rights such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and the freedom of the press, which prevents a corrupt government from taking control and conducting another mass genocide. Although many people believe that our society now is so much different than during the Holocaust, many persecutions are still taking place
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