Summary Of 2nd Degree Murder Of Amerigo Vespucci

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Amerigo Vespucci - 2nd Degree Murder It is May 14, 1501 and Amerigo vespucci has started searching for a new and faster trade route to Asia, to his surprise he had landed in the soon to be realised Americas. Amerigo lands, him and his men start to explore the diverse islands to see if they were inhabited. One day they discovered an island with the most amazing natives. Themselves, the food, and the trade was wonderful. After getting to know the native’s Amerigo and his men were told something terrifying. From an island distant about 100 leagues, there was a tribe coming and terrorizing their civilization. The tribe would come and slaughter, kidnap, and enslave their people. So much trust was put into Amerigo and his men, just for being kind towards them. The natives…show more content…
Amerigo now has to defend, and protect the natives because the tribe decided to get malicious once again. In order to protect himself and to destroy the tribe, he had to sink their canoes with his ships. Vespucci had killed many that day, but he was defending himself and the poor lives that were lost due to the cruel acts of that tribe. They had wanted to settle this civilly, but the natives didn’t even get the chance to before the other tribe just grabbed their weapons and went to town. Amerigo admits to killing the natives of that tribe, but he had a very just reason, which was self defense and to protect the honor of poor defenseless natives. That tribe had acted cruelly for no reason, killing weak natives, this was flooring to Amerigo and he had to do something. Amerigo did something very brave and honorable, yes he killed, but at least he had a good reason. Amerigo planned to kill but didn’t expect it to be the first step. How could such a developed tribe act as such savages? Someone had to put an end to their cruel and murderous cycle, it was just a coincidence that Vespucci had earned enough trust to be put to the

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