Summary Of A Death In Texas

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Society most of time tends to be keen on helping each other. One way we help each other is by allowing inmates, no matter the crime, to join rehab. Steve Earle the author of ‘A Death in Texas’ was in drug rehab at one-point, finished rehab, and got clean of drugs. Earle then wrote about Jonathan Wayne Nobles a man on death row for killing two people. While Nobles was on death row he took drug rehab and got clean of his drug addiction. Allowing Nobles to clear his mind and get better. Earle thought Nobles was rehabilitated and so did a lot of prison workers who knew Nobles his whole prison life. Nobles had a positive impact on a lot of inmates and workers. He also found religion and did some amazing deeds. I think rehab and having positive actions can really change…show more content…
Nobles wanted to be an organ donner and that would help people even after he was gone. He also became a member of the Dominican Order of Preachers. Nobles became a lay member of the order. He ministered to people in prison and was godfather at inmate Cliff Boguss’s baptism. He also helped officiate mass before Boguss was executed. Nobles did not want to be a bad guy anymore so much so that he didn’t want his body buried at the prison cemetery. He wanted it buried in Oxford, England were one of his pen pals showed him a picture of. Nobles last words were even a bible verse. Nobles sang Silent night before he was executed. Nobles also gave an apology to the victim’s family before he died. Nobles says, “I know some of you won’t believe me, but I am truly sorry for what I have done” A normal guy on death row would of not done any of this because they would just think it’s too late might as well do what I want and not try to get better. Nobles, cared enough to work and join the Dominican Order of Preachers and remember long verse to recite before he died and even apologies to the families knowing that they may not want
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