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A Tragic Ended, Which Could Be Different Roy Miller, the defense attorney of Amy Bishop, who was a mass shooter in Alabama back to 2010, once said that “there are people in our community who are walking time bombs that so hard to identify .” This quote is especially crucial because Miller strongly emphasized one of the most critical steps to prevent one became a mass shooter, which is identifying them as soon as possible. In order to identify this subject, everyone, as a whole plays an essential role to observe carefully and react judiciously if the one that they know show any symptom of abnormal mental behavior. "A Loaded Gun" is a piece by Patrick Radden Keefe, which published on February 11 and 18, 2013, in The New Yorker weekly magazine, …show more content…

Then, he switches to the past story of the Bishop family in Braintree city and focuses on the tragic death of Bishop's sibling, Seth. Keefer structures his essay this way to help readers better understand the psychological development of the young girl Amy Bishop and all of the external influences had created her character today. Keefer is a remarkable author when summary the entire meaning of his essay with just a title, “A loaded Gun.” Amy Bishop is this loaded gun, not at the moment when she opened fire at her colleagues, but twenty years ago, the day that she accidently kill her brother. Keefer mentioned that Bishop had been released from the police office only couple hours after Seth dead with no charge or further investigation because Judy, who was the only witness, convinced and used her friendship with the head police officer that it was an accident. A few hours is definitely not enough to investigate a murder case, and the ease of the police could make the criminal, not just Bishop, feel like it's simple to get away from being charged, and they will more likely to repeat the same act in the future. In Bishop’s case, “she continued to eat meals in the kitchen where her brother had died, and to walk past his bedroom with old woodworking project bore the chiseled letters S-E-T-H.” This quote is

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