Summary Of A Long Way Home By Ishmael Beah

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A long way home by Ishmael Beah. Ishmale Beah was born the 23 of November 1980 at Mogbwemo,Bonthe District, Sierra leone. the reason why he wrote Along Way Gone cause he is talking about as a child soldier during sierra Leones decade-long civil war from 1991 to 2002. this memoir, or collection of Beahs memories of that time, choronicles the attack on Beahs village, his subsequent confusion as he wanders the area looking for food and shelter, his indoctrination or brainwashing as an unwilling child soldier, and the period after his. The reason why escape from his home country to his arrival in the United States cause his place had got attacked by some soldiers. People write books for a number of different reasons. sometimes, it's simply to entertain people or tell some one about there life. Others write to make a name for themselves or to discover meaning in their lives. yet, others, like Beah write to educate, to inform and to hopefully, compel understandings and promote changes. Its pretty easy to figure out what Beah wrote his book, A Long Way Gone. Because he tells us. in both print and video interviews , Beah identifies a few important points that promoted him to pen the memoir.…show more content…
And went all over the world to tell people how bad the world is then what other people think. and this place has bad shelter and the people sufer bad and i think it said that is were he is from that is how the lived so he is telling people that its a bad world out there. Ishmael has a mother and her name is laura simms and his brother name is junior Beah and his spouse is priscillia kounkou. he started writing books ever seince he was 12 years old. and his first book was a long way
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