Summary Of A More Perfect Constitution By Larry Sabato

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Many people all around the country probably won’t certainly agree with the author of A More Perfect Constitution by Larry Sabato. Larry Sabato main idea was that the United State Constitution was outdated and needed to be reform somehow. He believed a change to the Constitution will going to be really hard due to the massive number of traditional political conservatives that the country had. Sabato explain that these conservatives’ people will oppose to the idea of different view of the Constitution by saying “the Constitution is just good as it is”. The conservatives’ support only their views as the Constitution was just fine the way it is, and it was original because that was the intent of the founders in how to interpret the Constitution.…show more content…
Perhaps, he prepared a proposal with twenty-three different points in were the Constitution could be reform. It’s hard to understand why he name this book like this. In my opinion, it does not have much sense to transform something that is perfect and convert it in something more perfect. However this book is based on the author political opinion on respect to the United States Constitution, more like from the democrat party than conservative. In fact, the Constitution as how it’s right now it does not meet the need of the country right now, due to many issues that the nation is facing and because of the constitution said can’t do much. It’s a really good book to read, because it will change the view that we have as citizens, living us with many questions without answer for the
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