Summary Of A Red Light For Scofflaws

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A lot of people don’t care at all about laws, believing that these laws are getting in the way of their freedom and rights to live however they want, so they think that breaking rules is the right way to live. Frank Trippett in his passage “A Red Light for Scofflaws” states that the foundations of social order are going to be profoundly shaken if ordinary law-abiding citizens take to skirting the law, by first explaining that Americans are taking increasing liberties with all sorts of minor laws. He continues by stating that americans seem to think that law and order is for violent crimes only. The author’s purpose is to make people think about following the rules and orders, and to stop people from being scofflaws. The author establishes an…show more content…
Another person might believe that throwing a cigarette out of the car’s window in the middle of the street is totally fine , so why should that person pay hundreds of dollars for that? The answer to all the questions these people might ask is crystal clear, laws are there to organize the society and to make it a safe place, and following these laws is the way to create the protected society that all people want and need. People might also think that small acts of not obeying rules is not that much of a big deal, believing that violent crimes are the only thing that people should get punished on. These people not obeying the rules do not think of themselves as lawbreakers, let alone criminals, so they keep on going against the law, since they think it’s not threatening anyone. These people should think deeper than that ,and they should see how making small crimes might make people accustomed to making crimes in general, a person who littered the ground yesterday might come tomorrow as a murderer, and you can only blame his impulsiveness on that. People should start following the rules since they are only benefiting the society and the members of

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