Virginia Woolf Women

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Women such as, Mary Wollstonecraft, a women’s advocate, who demanded that women be given proper education and opportunities and be allowed to grow in terms of a whole to equal those of men. They recognized and pointed out the causes of women suppression; false moral codes and traditions which only strengthen such stereotypes. Virginia Woolf in her book, ‘A Room of One’s Own’, writes about how women should have a space to themselves in which they are free to do as they please. She fortifies the thought that, women should be financially autonomous as well as professionally. Woolf’s writing had witnessed the great shock of the First World War, causing rifts to appear in the conventions of the then present society, creating a rapid and vast change due to its economically and social effect on the people. The death of her…show more content…
Women’s writings before Woolf, were timid and mostly fearful from true expression of thought and emotion, fearing male dominance; they were disabled and unable to attain their true potential and express themselves the truth outwardly. For Virginia Woolf, women writers are the key to incinerating such male patriarchal thought and recreate history through a female perspective. Confronting the imperialistic set up of the English Society proves to be difficult but shows women often failing but still continuing to challenge and seeking an outlet of expression.Woolf’s communicates such trials in subtle manners through her work, pointing out that Women’s Oppression through the times, like mentioned earlier, is deeply rooted in Social, Political, Economic spheres of a society. Hence, we can say Mrs. Dalloway, can be seen as a novel of projecting oppression, seclusion and isolation, Privacy of one’s own both in Body and Mind, creation of one’s Identity which could be either of the characters present in the novel or of the writers
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