Leefolt's Baby: A Summary

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The beginning of the story is starting to talk about Mae Mobley, who is a small baby girl. The setting of the story is August 1960 and took place in Jackson, Mississippi. Aibileen narrates it. Aibileen was a black worker in Leefolt’s family. The main thing that she has done is looking after little Mae Mobley. Her mother, Miss Leefolt never picked up her own baby after they done birthing as well as that she didn’t like to look after her own baby: “What I am doing wrong? Why can’ I stop it?” That “it`’ already showed to us that she didn’t like her baby and something was wring with this situation. Miss Leefolt looked really skinny. She is twenty-three years old. Moe Mobley was two years old, and she have brown eyes and honey color curls. She was a special baby of Aibileen.…show more content…
His name was Treelore, he was very clever, he read a lot, and he even started to write his own book. But one night when he was working late at the mill, He was tired and it was raining. He slip off the loading dock, fell down the drive. Tractor trailer didn’t see him and crushed his lungs. Aibileen was feeling really bad at that time: “ That was the day my whole world went black. Air look black, sun look black. I laid up in my bed and stared at the back walls at my house. Minny came every day to make sure I was still breathing, feed me food to keep me living.” That showed me that she was feeling really bad, she thought that she is going to die one day too because I know that loosing someone is a big trauma and
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