Summary Of A Short Story Of Raymond Clevie Carver Jr.

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This short story tells about a mother and her son. Ever since he was young, even though he was mostly a good boy, the son has clearly had some issues. He would never tell the truth and it was sickening to hear that he had supposedly killed his own beloved pet cat Trudy with firecrackers. That’s how serial killers are born. It’s not right and he clearly has a messed up moral meter. Was he just trying to fill the void that his missing father figure left behind? Did he just have some mental disorder that couldn’t be helped? The American author and poet Raymond Clevie Carver Jr. had a tough life so it isn 't too surprising that he created such a devastating story. It all started on the night of the 4th of July, when a neighbor of the mother had claimed to have witnessed something beyond belief. The neighbor claimed that the mother’s son and his friend had put firecrackers in her son’s beloved cat Trudy’s ears and you-know-what. Trudy the cat had then later died in the neighbor 's backyard. When the boy was a bit older he had gotten a job. He claimed to his mother that he made 80$. She was flabbergasted. Later when the mother was doing the laundry she found from his pocket that he actually had just made 28$. As time kept passing by more of these situations had happened. One day the mother had asked her son where he had been last night and he had claimed that he was at a show. She later found out that in reality he was at a school dance and he had then spent the evening driving

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