Summary Of A Short Story

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This story is about a woman who lives in small village which called P is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and dense forest which is almost covering 1/3rd part of the village.There is also a spring which flows towards the village and sunlight just making the scenery looks just gorgeous.There are people working in the fields near the village.There is a woman called Suhani who work in the field with husband Manti. The.The temperature is very high and heating up the field .But Manti and Suhani continue working in fields .Manti and Suhani are discussing about the financial situation in the village. "Manti our financial situation is not good .Why don 't you find a job in the other city.I heard they pay very good wages for workers working in their fields.What is the use of earning and saving the same amount if we don 't earn any profit from this.Go and work in the city at least we will have some savings instead of spending money for the fertilizers and labour. Last year we had less rain and our crops were destroyed completely.The villager have left their fields and land is barren with lack of water and this year there was very little rain."Manti replies,"This land belongs to my ancestors.My father promised me that i should take care of this land and his wish was to make the field crops grow He told me that this is only treasure i have with me given by my forefathers so we never had to worry about food and money." I think i will do good this year and make some money on this

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