Summary Of A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

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Eudora Welty’s short story “A Worn Path” represents the journey of an elderly black woman, named Phoenix Jackson. In the beginning, this journey seems to have no meaning at all. Phoenix travels through the woods, encountering many obstacles, engagements of rude comments, and moments of loneliness. Later, in the story the reader starts to realize the journey does have a purpose. She takes this walk to get medicine for her sick grandson. The purpose of the story is Phoenix demonstrates that determination and will enabled her to continue the journey for her grandson. The two different types of obstacles Phoenix faces, one being the physical condition of her body being due to her age, blindness, and the bad state her mind is in. Without a doubt,…show more content…
Phoenix is a bird that has matured and then that will burst into flames to be reborn. Which relates to the story as Phoenix continues to raise every time something gets in her way she doesn’t let it stop her. She continues her journey for her ill grandson. However, throughout the story sometimes Phoenix has us second guessing whether or not she’s gonna make it to her destination. Seeing that, she is an elderly woman traveling alone through the woods during the winter. In every way possible she lets us know that no matter what obstacles are thrown at her she was going to get the medicine her grandson needs. But, living during this time it was not safe for her to be traveling alone with no help. The accomplishment of her journey is because of her strength and love for her sick grandson. Although she suffers from many disabilities she is mentally prepared from the obstacles she is about to face. Phoenix uses her inner strength and continues through the many obstacles. She puts her trust in her feet to make up for her eyes. Phoenix’s determination makes up for her aged memory to help through the journey she is taking. But, the love she has for her grandson keeps her
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