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Have you ever felt like your egregious feelings, fears, and distrust towards others are being controlled not by you but by another entity? "A Wrinkle in Time", by Madeleine L 'Engle, revolves around a girl named Meg, who is uncomfortable in her own skin. She lives with her twin brothers, mother, and younger brother Charles Wallace; however, her father vanished under mysterious circumstances. Then, her whole life modifies when she meets three mysterious women who Charles Wallace claims to be his friends. The three women, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which, bespeaks that they know the whereabouts of her father, and they take Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin to a different planet. At this planet, Mrs. Whatsit metamorphoses into a flying horse…show more content…
Another way L 'Engle uses the symbol of the Dark Thing to represent evil and the devil was when the three children give a list pertaining to the people who have fought against the Dark Thing. She writes, " 'Jesus! ' Charles Wallace said. 'Why of course, Jesus! ' " In this quote, the three children, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which discussed about the Dark Thing and what they will need to do about it. Mrs. Which acknowledges that they need to continue fighting it, and out of curiosity, Calvin wonders who are some of the people who fought the Dark Thing. Charles Wallace immediately replied that one of the fighters was Jesus. Jesus is a positively impactful person in everybody 's life from the past and today, and the fact that he is a fighter of the Dark Thing is no coincidence. He educated people about the word of God, performed miracles to prove that God is our fearful Creator, and died on the cross for our sins. He proved once again that He is the son of God when witnesses incontrovertibly claimed that Jesus rose from His grave. The witnesses went to as many people as they could, and explained what they saw. As a result, many people believed what Jesus wanted all of them to know, that the Lord is real and he is His son. Since people now accept God, they recall what Jesus taught them when He was on Earth; therefore, they gained trust in God and Jesus, and began to live their lives through the word of God. Because the people now knew what God purposes them to do,…show more content…
"A Wrinkle in Time" can often be mistaken as a story only published for the entertainment of readers; however, the author included the symbol of the Dark Thing in this book to communicate to readers that the devil is nefarious whether it is through distress, pain, fear, or distrust towards God. The Dark Thing caused Meg to postulate as if all species of maleficent deeds were attacking her at the same time; furthermore, this is how anybody would feel if they were to be in the presence of the devil, since he is the source of all evil. The Dark Thing represents the devil because it has also been the source of all evil in this book. Jesus fought the Dark Thing, according to Charles Wallace, in the book. In reality, Jesus fought the devil because He wants people to trust in God and for everybody to live in serenity; however, the devil wants people to disobey God, and live a terrible life. Since Jesus fought the Dark Thing in the book, we know the Dark Thing represents the devil. Although some people think Meg’s first and dangerous experience of tessering is only used to prove that this book is an adventure story, they fail to realize that the dangers of tessering proves that the Dark Thing, again, compares with the devil because whenever Meg tessers, she has to travel through the Dark Thing; consequently, Meg either experiences excruciating pain, or she receives short-term paralysis. In conclusion, Madeleine L 'Engle 's purpose in using the Dark Thing

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