Summary Of Abigail Adams 'Wild Colt'

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Abigail Adams, the Wild Colt

Ella Jeanquart

“Wild colts make the best horses” (A Supporting Role) this quote means that if you are wild and free you are able to do your best and be the best at what you do. This may sound like it came straight out of a fairytale you may have read when you were younger but this was something that Abigail Adams grandmother told her when she was young and it had inspired many people to follow their passions and it especially inspired Abigale to follow her dreams of educating herself and to fight for women's rights. Abigail Adams had integrity and great leadership skills. She was a successful business woman because of her willingness to take risks and she lived by the credo “nothing venture nothing have” something that her husband John found alarming. (Holton, Woody)
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(Terrana A Supporting Role) Even when Abigail Was young she was breaking gender roles by educating herself even that she was a girl and her father and grandfather encouraged her to read and learn by reading books from their library. “The pleasure she found in reading enabled her to think for and educate herself.” It states in A Supporting Role, by Joan Barton Terrana. Abigail showed that she had integrity at a young age because she did what she thought she was capable of and what she wanted to
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