Summary Of Adler Youth Growing Up In Hitler's Shadow

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January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, he was power hungry and wanted to control everything, so he created Hitler Youth to mold kids into his Nazi followers. In “Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler’s shadow” author Susan Campbell Bartoletti discusses the ways Adolf Hitler used education to further Nazi ideals. Hitler had rewrote the school curriculum replacing textbooks and what teachers taught, he made sure teachers were politically reliable, and made sure that students could not express their own ideas or opinions to make sure young Germans were turned into good Nazis. One way Hitler used education to further Nazi ideals was rewriting the school curriculum replacing textbooks and what teachers had to teach. By doing this, Hitler made sure that all the students were learning the same thing which was Nazi ideas. Paragraph 10 states, “as soon as the Nazis came to power, they took control of the public schools, called National Schools. They threw out old textbooks and implemented new ones. They rewrote the curriculum from the top to bottom, so that it only taught Nazi-approved ideas.” When the Nazis came to power they made sure everything was run the way they wanted it to. They remade…show more content…
The reason Hitler did this was to make sure the teachers agreed with what the Nazis were doing and taught the students what the Nazis wanted. The text on paragraph 12 states, “The Nazis wanted to ensure that the teachers were politically reliable and supported the National Socialist Party and its principles. To accomplish this end, teachers were given a choice: Either join the National Socialist Teacher's Alliance and train the students in National Socialism or be dismissed. “ By doing this the Nazis did not have to worry about what the students learned because they had teachers that also wanted to teach the students the same thing as the
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