Summary Of Adnan's Murder Case

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Imagine just at the age of 18 you are convicted for a murder you never committed and were locked away for the rest of your life. That 's what happened to Adnan Syed, I believe that Adnan was unjustly convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend in 1999 because of bad evidence, Jay 's story was mostly a lie, and that he had a bad lawyer. One reason why I think Adnan is Innocent is how bad the evidence is.When Mr. S first found Haes body there were a bunch of evidence, but the items that stuck out to me were the empty bottles and the rope, but the bottles and rope were never tested so we didn 't know if Adnan was drinking that night or if the real killer used the rope (Koenig, “Leaking Park”). Another part of evidence that never made sense was the phone booth at best buy (Koenig,”To be suspected”). This phone was used to call Jay to pick Adnan up right before they buried Hae 's body, but a number of people said and the blueprints showed that there wasn 't even a phone booth there so he couldn 't of made the call. A third part is Haes car, they found it in an odd place but they didn 't run any prints to see if anyone else but Andn was in the car (Koenig, To be suspected.) Hae 's car I think was a bad part on the…show more content…
Another reason why Adnan is innocent is Jay, Adnan 's long time “buddy”. Jay already seemed like a person who most people wouldn 't trust, Jay smoked and deals marijuana, many people saw him as a dark person and Jay even said he was a criminal person (). One of the biggest points was when Jay was in court and he was changing his story every time, like when he was asked if he helped Adnan bury the body, at first he said no he only watched but after awhile he said he helped bury and he even got the shovels and and hid them(). I feel like Jay was changing the stories on purpose because the cops told him if he pinned it on Adnan he won 't get in any trouble because he said he helped the murder and admitted to smoking and selling weed (). A third

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