Summary Of Albert Marrin's Flesh And Blood So Cheap

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In the story, “Flesh and Blood so Cheap”, by Albert Marrin, explicit and implicit examples are shown throughout the story. The building manager made lots of mistakes when building and seemed to care more about the building’s structure than the people working inside of the building. They did not put fire alarms or fire extinguishers in the building even though they had already been invented which could have saved lots of the lives that were lost that day. The building manager was not the only person who failed to save peoples lives in the fire that day. There were a lot of explicit evidence stated in the story.The firefighters, people who worked there, and more were also to blame for the deaths that occurred that day. Firefighters who came to save people that day failed in a lot of ways. They brought ladders that would only reach to the 6th floor when there were 9 floors in all. They also brought nets to catch jumpers from the top floors but they did nothing since people would either bounce off or break through them, hitting the concrete and dying on impact. Due to things lots of more people died. It was also the people who worked there that are to blame because they locked almost all the doors in the building which trapped people in the rooms. They also had no lights on in the stairwell which confused people and made people fall done and get trampled to death by other workers. These were some examples of explicit text mentioned in the text. Some implicit details
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