Summary Of Alice Hoffman's The Marriage Of Opposites

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This paper attempts to explore Alice Hoffman’s The Marriage of Opposites through ecofeminist lenses to investigate the connections between women and nature. It aims to find an affinity of the male domination over nature and his domination over women. This paper reveals that the injustice against women and nature is alike as they are both depicted throughout the story in turmoil. The writer deliberately and metaphorically makes an affinity between women’s features and the elements of nature. “She is a force. Like a hurricane.” (The Marriage of Opposites.46) Motherhood and relation with nature are the most obvious issue in this novel by Hoffman. She illustrates the true emotion of mothers through their children and also the suffering and pain that caused by male society. They try to release themselves from the restraints of the social and political rules to have the life they expect. One of the crucial problems we face today is the decadence of the nature that its social consequences on human life. It is directly relating to the term, ecofeminism and the term ecofeminism suggests the connection between ecology and feminism. Like environment, female body is like a source of colonization and commercialization. This study explores the attempt mothers make in order to restore the bond with the nature and to preserve it. Through this function as the only liberation act, they can redeem their right to live in the world of masculine domination.
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