The Husband's Wife Plot Summary

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Inspired from Claudine Ward’s Fugue Divakaruni wrote this story about an immigrant arranged married Indian couple who had a small child. The story revolves around the disappearance of an exasperated wife and an orthodox husband searching frantically for her, but in vain. Devastated at last he recalled his married life with her, and evaluated his and his child’s future. He decided to get remarried and discovered at last that his wife had actually eloped taking all her jewellery. Divakaruni through her characters impresses bilaterally the orthodox mindset of an Indian immigrant male which ascends towards the wife’s exasperation and how her alienation destroyed their relationship and the family. Keywords: Diaspora, Alienation, Hypocritical Mindset,…show more content…
Someone who would be relieved to have her husband make the major decisions. But she had to be smart, at least a year of college, someone he could introduce to his friends with pride....He let her have her way, indulged her, even…. Once in a while, of course, he had to put his foot down, like when she wanted to get a job or go back to school or buy American clothes. But he always softened his no’s with a remark like, What for, I’m here to take care of you, or, You look so much prettier in your Indian clothes, so much more feminine. - The Disappearance, Arranged Marriage (171) Divakaruni highlights the peculiarity in the couple’s relationship diving into the husband’s memory of his wife’s unusual habits of continuing with her chores after night hours to keep distance from her husband. Divakaruni also depicts the insecurity and the dominating male-chauvinistic Indian mentality of the husband who cares more about fulfilling his own desires rather than his wife’s feelings and seduces without her consent. After dinner for instance she would start on the most elaborate household...Surely he couldn’t be blamed for raising his voice...or for grabbing her by the elbow and pulling her to the bed, like he did that last night…. After some time, though, she would quit struggling and let him do what he
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