Summary Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quiet on the Western Front is written by Erich Maria Remarque and takes place during World War I. Paul Baumer is the protagonist, he is a high school student whose teacher convinces him and his friends to join the German army. With little training Paul and his friends get deployed to the western front where Paul meets man name Kat. Kat has been in war for a while and takes Paul under his wing and shows him the ropes of being in combat.
Trench war fair is common in Paul’s experience in battle. The trenches are dirty and dingy. After around 14 days of nonstop fighting only half of Paul platoon return to base. Death and the war has had a serious impact on Paul’s and his friend’s emotions. On leave Paul heads …show more content…

On a mission he loses his company and gets lost. Hiding in a shell hole Paul encounters a French solider and has to stab him. Paul can’t get over what just happened and has to watch the man suffer and die right in front of him. Once Paul returns to base and meet up with his friends they try to console him and try to justify what happened.
There next job was considered a great job on the standards of Paul and his friends. They were told to guard supply depot in a village. These men were living high off the hog for the time they were guarding the depot. Unexpectedly the crew ended up catch fire from artillery shells and Paul and his friend Albert get wounded. Albert get seriously wounded and has to have his leg amputated. Paul get discharged from the hospital and his put back in the fighting on the western front.
After seeing every one of his friends die, Paul cares less about his life and becomes unconcerned with war. Paul becomes depressed and sees no future after the war. As the end of the war nears Paul gets killed in a day with little to no …show more content…

It was the opposite of propaganda for the Hitler regime. Many riots ensued from the Nazi’s as the movie was shown in Germany lead by Joseph Goebbels. Eventually The Board of Censors in Germany banned the movie. The Nazi’s saw this as antiwar and it made Germany look soft and not want to fight. Hitler thought that this could’ve never be true how the men in the infantry could be so dishearten and not wanting to fight Primary Source I do see this book as a primary source. Many high school history classes make you read it and I do feel like it does give you a good German perspective of the war. I does a good job of showing what it is like being a young German solider that knows nothing about the war and how propaganda can make war look heroic but when you actually get into battle it is completely different when you actually have to kill another man. If you ever knew of anyone that has been to war they don’t like to talk about it and so did Paul when he comes home on leave to see his family. There are many similarities between Paul and soldiers that I have encountered, that’s why I feel this is a primary

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