All The Underground Railroad Analysis

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I was in a car with my family driving on the freeway in Houston, and as I look out the car window I noticed that vegetation was growing on part of the freeway that was under construction. The freeway has been under construction for as long as I can remember and nature knew this because it set its roots here in order to survive. As I was looking out the window I started to think will they ever be done with this freeway.
Many people think that America is the symbol of freedom and anyone can be who they want without being forced to do something they do not want. That is not always the case. In both novels, All The Pretty Horses and The Underground Railroad, the main characters were not able to get the freedom they wanted. In both stories, the
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In All The Pretty Horses John leaves to become a cowboy in Mexico thinking he would be able to be free to live the life cowboy. When he got there at first, he was living the life of his dream and even fell in love with the daughter of the rancher he worked at. During his time at the ranch, the daughter’s Aunt speaks to John saying” Even though you are younger than she it is not proper for you to be seen riding in the campo together without supervision.” (136 McCarthy) Eventually, the rancher found out, making him very unhappy since John was just a poor ranch hand and the due to the fact he did not ask him for permission to see his daughter. Because of this, his reputation was at stake and he told the police in Mexico that he was the American criminal they were looking for, even though he was not the criminal they were looking for. While he was in prison, he had to fight to survive his time in prison, but soon after that, he tries to head back to see the rancher’s daughter. During this time, he only gets spend a few days with her before she leaves him in order to protect her family’s reputation. As soon as he was living out his dream, it all came crashing down when John broke a cultural norm and was accused by the rancher for stealing a horse. Unfortunately, he was unable to work at the ranch as well causing him lose the woman he loved due to the…show more content…
She was forced to work and stay there without having any idea of what was freedom whatsoever. Before Cora was a young woman everyone thought her mother ran away from the plantation without being caught, but the readers find out her mother died from a snake bite. Due to this Cora thought that her mother was living a life where she could be able to spend the day as she chooses, free of persecution. Then one day she runs away on the Underground Railroad. As she is running away Cora thinks she will be able to head north without unforeseen setbacks like her mother, but is forced to kill a boy who saw her running away in order to make it to her path of freedom. Soon after that, she makes it to South Carolina where she is given the false hope of freedom through money, nice clothes, and a place to stay. During this, she thinks she has found the same freedom she expected her mom had, but learns that the only reason why she was given those things was because she is supposed to be a test subject for a medical experiment. The author says “They had gone to bed believing themselves free from white people’s control and commands about what they should do and be. That they managed their own affairs. But the women were still being herded and domesticated. Not pure merchandise as formerly but livestock: bred, neutered. Penned in dormitories that were like
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