Summary Of Amartya Sen's Development As Capability Expansion

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Submitted to: Saurab M. Shrestha, Lecturer Development Economics, National College, Baluwatar. Submitted by: 1432 Yajaswi 4h Year, Section A Review on "Development as Capability Expansion" by Amartya Sen. Introduction Amartya Sen is a profound Indian economist and philosopher. In this paper, Development as Capability Expansion, Sen focuses on human beings being the central part of the development analysis i.e. not as a means but rather an end (agent, beneficiaries and adjudicators) of development process. The paper majorly revolves around the evaluative concerns of human development, their freedom and what they can achieve realizing their capabilities, which is the basis to evaluate their living standards and quality of life. Human development…show more content…
The paper begs to differ from the utilitarian approaches by saying that a persons ' capability to live a good life is defined by his functions, being and doing, not just defined by the accessibility and ownership of resources. It explains that any social changes are evaluated under its richness of human life, its valued activities and capability to achieve those activities. The capacity is also determined by ones freedom and Karl Marx claims," Domination of circumstances and chance over individuals by the domination of individuals over chance and circumstances." Many times people are deprived of commodity based needs which are taken into account but fail to encounter the utilitarian values. The mental conditions of how those people feel are often neglected. It is an important aspect to determine the capability and foundation for development. However, these are not just the indicators for measuring capabilities and condition as people in certain conditions do not always portray how they are. Most of the factors and capabilities actually are ambiguous in…show more content…
According to Sen, development is a combination of different distinct processes, rather than agglomeration of some defined homogeneous magnitude (income or utility) for which people should have their freedom to achieve their goals and primary goods are not just the subsistence but the means to freedom and capabilities on the other hand is the expression of freedom. Though people have same level of primary goods their freedom and choice decides their ability to reach to the end. People should consider the fact that they do have valuable options and freedom even though they choose it or not. For example, running or dieting both loses same amount of calories suppose but a person teds to choose either one and should not forget that they had the other opportunity too. Therefore, evaluation must consider both sides, functioning and capability. Critical Analysis Amartya Sens ' Development as Capability expansion was worth a read. Sens ' arguments are considerable when he talks about the freedom and moral grounds on which development has to be considered. His focus on every aspect of social periphery, for example gender, and should be considered as important as any utilitarian matter. The paper inculcates some very practical ideas like; it is not just wealth or resources that determine the well being but the capability and doing of what they want to. For example, the spoon is present there but it does not serve on itself unless we use it to serve us. The approach is very

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