Summary Of Amber Parks 'The Harvest'

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Video Response Worksheet SOC 101 CCBC / Spring 2016 SEC 03 / Amber Parks / The Harvest a. Culture/pg. 36 is the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and material objects that are passed generation to generation. In the video culture is displayed quite frequently with each family that is shown. For example, the one family is quite religious and it can be seen them praying before meals. In each family there is also a language aspect that is shown. The older generations such as grandparents tend to not speak English, but the younger generations are taught to speak Spanish and tend to speak that more frequently than English. Family is also a huge importance in each situation. Family is definitely a value that each and every member has…show more content…
Nonmaterial culture/ pg.36 is a group 's way of thinking and doing. In the video most of the families are thinking the same things, which is to find work and be able to help provide and support the family. All of the children are concerned with the parents ' health because of the tides labor that they all endure.The one girl talks bout how when her mother got sick it was a very hard on the whole family because the responsibilities of the mom were distributed throughout the rest of family and it was hard for all of them to work through their normal activities and care for their mom. Also, the one’s dad talks about how he doesn’t think that he can work in the fields anymore due to his old age and the work getting too hard. This makes the children want to work harder and worry about money because he is their primary source of income and the support that they receive. A lot of the times during work when they are out there they will be forced to skip a meal, but they do not usually complain they just keep working in order to help out. In the one part of the video you see the family taking a break and the one kid asks, “did we even eat yesterday” and someone else replies that there was too much work to take a break. Although a lot of the children do not wish to be working in the field, they all aspire to be able to finishes schools that they may find a new way of income to help support their families. Even though they all tend to be working to bring in money the main idea I think that they all share is that they will do anything for their families and them all being together is what matters most. The one subject in the video, Victor, stated “I don’t think money brings happiness.” This is a very example of just how he is going about working in order to be able to have his family all together because they are what truly makes each other happy.
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