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The book, “America Swastika: Inside the white power movement’s hidden spaces of hate” by Pete Simi and Robert Futrell, was written 2010. I chose this book because I am interested in learning about why these racist groups have so much hate towards another race or group. Personally, I do not condone racism because it does not make sense to me as to how one person can hate another one without knowing them. I wanted to learn about how people who are in groups such as, the Ku Klux Klan, live in our country which is identified as a melting pot. White power movements are talked about in our history books and are explained as if they are in the past, but they aren’t. We still deal with racism and hate in our country as stories about acts of hate crime…show more content…
The authors show how symbols of racial hatred are valued in the white power community. Symbolic interactionalism is shown without bringing them into the open. The book gives information about Aryans and information about their groups, lives, and themselves. As some of them were open about talking their lives, it was evident that they believed in symbols like the swastika. Symbolic interactionalism was unintentionally the main theory; but the feminist theory can also be used as a basis to study this book’s topic. “The feminist theory criticizes the hierarchical structures in society that treat women and minorities unfairly; sociology has traditionally been male dominated; feminist theory is rooted in conflict and symbolic interactionism” To look at it in the Aryan’s perspective, they consider themselves as the minority, for they believe other races are out to kill them and the whites are becoming the minority. As I watched videos and interviews with people who associate themselves with the KKK, they believe that, President Barack Obama, is ignoring them. They do not feel heard, protected, or present in America. This theory affects the points raised in the book by putting the readers in an Aryan’s perspective. Even though the Feminist theory could be a theory used as a basis, but the Symbolic Interaction Theory would be better to use to study this issue. The Feminist theory…show more content…
From the book I have learned the history of the KKK, other knight groups, their way of living, and their way of thinking. I have also learned how somebody can be a regular old citizen in our community, but is a part of a hate group and believes that Blacks, Latinos, Asians, people from the LGBT community, and Jews are the enemy. Not only are these groups are more than relevant all over the country, but there are young children who will keep these groups alive. The children will be corrupted into thinking that racial hate is normal way to think and will follow the footsteps into their parents. This book very much shows how the Neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, white nationalist, and other groups want a white dominated nation. The one thing I would have done more differently in this book is getting more in detail as to how this is hurting our nation. It is not obvious that we still have a problem with race issues and hate crimes. There has been multiple cases where a white police officer commits murder against a young black or white woman, but walk away free with their hands clean. Of course not all of these cases tie into with racial differences, but now with videos being posted everywhere, it is obvious to see when an officer is in danger and when he makes a cruel act. Another example of crimes committed by hate is when people

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