Summary Of America's First Speech By Charles Lindbergh

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Jared Thomas October 20, 2015 Document Analysis “America’s First Speech” (1941) Charles Lindbergh “America’s First Speech” was a speech given by Charles Lindbergh in 1941, during World War II. Charles Lindbergh was widely known for being the first to fly solo across the Atlantic, but during World War II he was known for leading a battle against America’s intervention in the European war. Lindbergh was also a co-founder of The America First Committee, an isolationist group whose goal was to keep America neutral in the war. Charles Lindbergh, a politically moved activist, was focused on making the American public aware of the reality behind President Franklin Roosevelt’s propaganda leading up to World War II and the maintaining the fight to stay neutral. Charles Lindbergh became famous after his successful transatlantic flight but reemerged nearly twenty years later when he began to speak out against President Franklin Roosevelt’s attempt to put the United States in the war. Charles Lindbergh gave his first speech in New York…show more content…
America’s First Committee was said to have been formed to give American citizens a voice. It also helped those who were potentially going to be sent to war a voice. Lindbergh, the spokesman for America’s First Committee, believed more time should be spent on strengthening our military rather than waging wars. He believed the policy of America’s First Committee should be, “a policy not of isolation, but of independence; not of defeat, but of courage. It is a policy that led this nation to success during the most trying years of our history, and it is a policy that will lead us to success again.” By strengthening our military, we would deter other countries from invading our homeland. Based on that policy alone, the committee went from 3 members to over 800,000 members in a very short time
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