Summary Of An Edible History For Humanity

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An Edible History for Humanity was written by Tom Standage which emphasis the history of food and farming used by man throughout history. This book takes us through different parts of the world and gives us examples of how food has changed their way of life. The first civilizations had to go on very little for food. But in the early civilizations,Standage has thought me that food drew everything together. Food wasn’t there just to eat,but was the driving force for the life style of civilizations. Through the book,Standage tries to emphasize the importance that food played in the role of history. He takes us through different parts of the world and shows us the different values that food plays in different locations. Reading this book has helped me gather the questions that I’v been wanting to know.…show more content…
After reading An Edible History For Humanity i’v finally understand the meaning of food and the impact it had. Yes, this book has changed by views of history,I’v never felt like food had anything to do with history ,but it has changed by
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