Summary Of An Outcast Boy By Mahatma Gandhi

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r through the highlights of sufferings of an outcast boy, Bakha, in his work. Using Bakha’s story as a vehicle, Anand tried to bring out the challenges and barriers in the life of an outcast person. Untouchable raised awareness about the diminished equality of poor sections of society and also the appearance of Mahatma Gandhi provide it a historical context. Untouchable look into the life of an outcast boy, Bakha, the protagonist, who actually Joshi 2 work explained about the spread of untouchability through power politics. The upper castes believed on the approach of suppressing the outcastes. They knew that if given a chance, the lower caste would be able to compete with the upper castes. The entire plot gives an idea of situations which occurs in a single day in the life of Bakha. Bakha never liked cleaning toilets rather he wanted to be a well educated man. He was against the ritual and idea of considering himself as an ‘untouchable’ unlike his other family members. They were not even allowed to fetch water from the well. Bakha was a young man with a lot of family responsibilities after his mother’s death and father’s inclination toward bed and laziness. . There was a great lack of love between father and his son. Although it appeared a bit when Bakha denied in continuing with this work of cleaning toilets and expressed his loss of confidence and hope to carry on with this life of an untouchable. Lakha tried to console him, and explain about their fate of

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