How Does Andy Weir Create Tension In The Martian

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Andy Weir’s The Martian portrays what it would be like to be stuck on the Red Planet, trying to survive. The Martian is set on the planet of Mars, where the main protagonist, Mark Watney is unintentionally abandoned. Mark is pushed to his physical and mental limits while trying to stay alive and get off his Martian home. Weir uses both suspense and sarcasm frequently in the novel, both of which add depth to the story and make the reader feel a deep connection between them and Mark. The Martian by Andy Weir, whose life is just as exciting as his novel, has a rich, suspenseful storyline, as well as a humorous theme of sarcasm.
Along with being an amazing writer, Weir is also a very interesting person.
The son of an engineer mother and a physicist
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An example of a suspenseful moment in the story is after Mark (the main character) fixes a problem in the Hab (Mark’s Martian habitat), he waits to see if it will hold: “There we go… still holding… Lemme check the suit…. Readouts say the pressure is stable. Looks like the duct tape made a good seal. Let’s see if it holds….” (Weir 162). The suspense makes the reader want to figure out what happens and not put the book down until they do. Another example of suspense is after Mark finishes a big job and has to execute the next part of his plan: “Get to the rover (the vehicle Mark uses to travel around Mars). Then I’m safe. If I run out of time before finding a suit, I’ll just run to the rover. I’ll be in trouble, but I’ll have time to think and materials to work with. Deep breath… here we go!” (Weir 167). The suspensefulness adds to the story by making the reader feel nervous and even scared for the main protagonist Mark, which leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Suspense plays a huge part in The Martian because it enhances the storyline and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat until they figure out what happens

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