Summary Of Animalism In 'Animal Farm, By George Orwell'

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Scene 1—Summary (25-28): After Major dies three nights later, the animals, whereas unsure when the uprising will occur, spend their days planning the Rebellion in secret. Among the pigs who are considered the most intelligent, Snowball and Napoleon are the two leaders of the revolution. While Napoleon has a reputation for always getting what he wants despite not speaking much, Snowball is considered more eloquent and creative (25). A third pig that plays the assisting role, Squealer, is extremely articulate and persuasive, and others think of him as one who is able to “turn black into white” (26). These three pigs try to explicate the fundamentals of “Animalism,” an ideology that they develop from old Major’s teachings, to other animals through secret meetings held several nights a week (26). At first, the majority of the animals are dull, apathetic or struggling against an entrenched sense of loyalty to Mr. Jones. Mollie, the white mare, shows foolishness and half-hearted compliance with Animalism, asking whether she will get to eat sugar and wear ribbons once Mr. Jones is gone. The pigs’ most unruly opponent is Moses, the raven, who spreads tales about a paradise called Sugarcandy Mountain, a rich place animals will go when they die. Although many dislike the idle Moses, some of the animals are appealed by the existence of Sugarcandy Mountain, causing the pigs a hard time convincing them that the place is not real. On the other hand, Boxer and Clover, the two cart horses,

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