Summary Of Anita Nair's Lessons In Forgetting

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Anita Nair possesses inspiration from her real life experiences. In Lessons in Forgetting; she talks about how women suffer in sociological system which has forced in a many ways to repress, humiliate and abuse. She raises some questions in her novel, makes the readers to think about the ideological ground of sociological role in the traditional society. The novel describes how a woman struggles for attaining success in her life. Two main characters of the novel Meera and J.A.K undergo many hurdles in their lives separately. When they meet each other, they try to find solutions to their problems and find solace in one another’s arms by forgiving the people who have made their lives miserable.
The Tale of Meera The Lilac house plays a vital role in the life of Meera. Mr. Raghavan Menon, a native of Calicut, working in Calcutta and falls in love with Charu. She is a Bengali woman and he married her. Some years later, Charu died and Raghavan Menon sent his daughter Leela to Santiniketan for her studies. The brothers of Raghavan Menon did not like Raghavan Menon coming back to Calicut, and so sent him a cheque of his share in his family estate. At that time, a Bengali director spotted Leela and motivated her to work in Hindi cinema by changing her name as Lily. Lily married Sandor, a Hungarian painter and came to live in the Lilac house which Raghavan took for ninety nine years lease. Saro was born to Lily. Saro fell in love with her best friend’s brother and
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