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The book, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, is a simple but an extraordinary story of all time. This diary of Anne only shows how a teenage girl like her can still have the great courage, despite of all the trials that happened to her. In addition, as the story with her diary goes on about the presence of all the despotism, Anne illustrated her bravery and positivity in all aspects which then also gave the readers the inspiration to not give up on hope and faith. As you can see, no one can greatly expect the huge patience a 13-year old can have during that time, especially when it is about your own rights that it is being restricted. Moreover, as the diary shows Anne’s inspiring personality, it also shows the opposite of it from the people surrounding them during wartime. The whole book only shows the greatness a person can have, but also the greediness a person can do to people who doesn’t deserve to be treated that way back then.

It was during Anne Frank’s thirteenth birthday when her parents gave her a notebook to be her own diary. Being excited by the present, she only writes everything about her thoughts and secrets which is mostly about school, boys, or grades at first. Suddenly, this
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Everything that is written on her diary is nothing but a true heart and emotions of a young girl. Every single statement serves as an inspiration as Anne shows her bravery as she faces the harsh treatment of the German to her family. As this book shows the rising hope of a young girl, Anne, this book is to be recommended to my friend who thinks of life as unfair. Anne shows of life with positive and negative sides, but encourages us to always look on the positive side. The importance of this concept is that you can save a life in cheering someone up about how beautiful life can still be. The positivity of life only lies within your own
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