Summary Of Anne Hayden's 'Same Same Different'

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Exercise B: An Analytical Essay on “Same Same Different” Having a twinsister is like having a doppelgänger of yourself, likewise it means that your’s identidty dosent’s shine through, especially when everyone else is focusing on your sister. The short story, “Same Same Different ” written by Anne Hayden (2016) debates the topic identity and sisterhood. The story is told by a first person narrator. The narrator is a she, and she’s originally from Ireland. The narrator had a twin sister, unfortunately she died in a car accident at the age of 21. After her sister’s death shhe moved to Mebourne, Australia to start anew. However, her past and deeds still haunts her. We presuppose the narrator is in her twenties. The narrator happens have a low self-esteem due to her own comaparsion with her sister. In the introduction we hear about the two sister talking about a boyband: “Molly would get Luke and I’d have to settle for his less handsome brother Matt.” (p8, l. 11-12). According to the narrator, Molly is was better than she. It makes the narrator look vulnerable and unsure about her own qualities. Moreover, the narrator envies her sister for being more popular and having a boyfriend. An example is when Molly died, she was in serveral newspapers, and he narrator commented with “[Molly] was the one who wanted to be famous” (p.8, l.13). However, this is false. It is the narrator herself who seeks attention and acknowledgement due to her feeling of slightness. In the introduction

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