Summary Of Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist

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Macon is slowly starting to lose his mind. His everyday life is starting to change and the way he does things is different. Ever since Sarah left him, he has been slowly starting to fall apart. Is there time for him to change and make something of his life in The Accidental Tourist? The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler shows how one 's life can change so fast, Tyler 's life , and how not giving up influences his life. Getting to know more about the author Anne Tyler helps better understand the connection between her and the book. Tyler was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 25, 1941 (Anne). She lived there until about the age of 16. At the age of 16, she attended the University of Duke and after graduation she became a bibliographer at the University (Anne). After college she began to date a guy named Modarressi. Most marriages take time to happen but Tyler said, “I can’t say it was love at first sight but we got married 7 months later” (Teeman). Modarressi and Tyler ended up moving to Baltimore in 1967 because Modarressi got employed at Maryland University. That 's when Tyler knew she wanted to pursue a career in writing. She became a full time writer when they moved to Maryland (Anne). She started to write plenty of books to get her name out their. By the time she wrote the book The Accidental Tourist in 1985, she was a well known and successful writer (“The Accidental”). Critics say that The Accidental Tourist was on of her best written books (McMurty). Shortly

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