Annemarie's Fairytales

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Throughout the book, Annemarie tells fairytale stories to her younger sister, Kirsti. In my opinion, she does this so they both can escape from the harsh reality of the war. Storytelling has become somewhat of a coping mechanism to deal with what is currently going on in Denmark. She wants her sister to have a “normal” childhood but her sister is used to seeing Nazi control in their country. In the beginning of the story, Annemarie along with her sister Kirsti, and their friend Ellen were stopped by Nazi soldiers. They had been running and caught the attention of two guards. That night, Kirsti wanted her sister to tell her a bedtime story. Annemarie continues the story through she had already fallen asleep. Though she acted as if she was unafraid…show more content…
This was very dangerous and yet she pushed herself to do it since no one else was able too. The package was what saved many lives. However, she said things seemed different in the night than what she is used too. She was also cold because she had forgotten a jacket and wanted to remain out of sight but had to rush to her uncles boat. Fairytales are what helped her that night. She pretended she was little red riding hood walking through the forest with her…show more content…
She lives in Denmark during World War II. Annemarie’s best friend Ellen Rosen was Jewish and lived in the apartment next to hers. Everyone's lives in Denmark has been flipped upside down due to the Nazi presence in their country. King Christian had allowed them into the country to save lives because their army was very small. There were no cupcakes, sugar, coffee, and much more. Even businesses owned by Jews were randomly being shut down. One night the Rosen family had to go in hiding. Ellen stood with the the Johansen family and was separated from her parents. The Johansen family were doing anything in their power to help their long time friends. It went as far as risking their lives for their safety. The Johansens along with the help of Peter, helped the Rosen family flee to
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