Summary Of Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain

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Nowadays, love is shared not only between men and women, but also between two people of the same-sex. Homosexuals these days can expose their relationship to the public. However, in the past, the love of homosexuals was forbidden and seemed to be a taboo. The contrast between the natural forces of desire and love of homosexuals and the prejudice of old society can be seen very clearly through the story “Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx. “Brokeback Mountain” speaks about the love story between two men as well as the discrimination of society. Annie Proulx – an American journalist and author – did present her own remarkable success story which is characterized by hard work and a fierce independence (Contemporary Authors, 1995). The measure of her success was impressive and was reflected through her works and awards. She has written some brilliant short stories in contemporary literature; but in my opinion, "Brokeback Mountain" is her masterpiece. The story focuses entirely not only on the sexuality that holds the two men together, but also on the domestic relationship between them, their mutual concern for each other. She also describes the discrimination of old society to emphasize the obstacles that they have to face. “With two italicized paragraphs in present tense” (Sparknotes Web site), “Brokeback Mountain” begins by introducing the circumstance of the story’s protagonist, Ennis del Mar, after the story’s main events have taken place in order to describe his…show more content…
“Brokeback Mountain” is a sad chronology of a love affair between Jack and Ennis who cannot live as their true selves. Their love story as well as the conflict between them and the community make us feel for them, understand their desire for each other, and appreciate the fact that they 're probably made for each other. However, they were born in the wrong time and the wrong place. If only society could have abandoned its prejudice against gays, they could have lived a long and happy life
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