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1.0 Executive Summary
Arab Restaurant is a locally, small sized Arab food restaurant located in the city of Dubai. Arab Restaurant will give a combination of best food at good pricing, with fun packaging and environment. Arab restaurant is the solution to a raising demand for snack-type Arab food, and other ethnic food items. In today's highly rivalry environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate one Arab food restaurant from another. Dubai, international Tourist city, with millions of visitors yearly from Asia, Europe, and America Etc. Dubai’s sector of retail is the best in the region. Our first involvement is to set up one restaurant in a big mall in Dubai, by preference in one of best shopping malls in Dubai like
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Arab Restaurant will target to become a premier brand of local Arab food in market place of Dubai. We need our clients to have the whole feelings when visiting our restaurants as they will study about this interesting new experience.

2.0 Company Formation
Arab Restaurant sells food that is Arab snack-type and other traditional items of food. Our showroom also gives best and loving service for clients to support the atmosphere of fun, active and style inexperienced. Our outlet is open from 10 am to 9 pm every day. Our outlet will be designed with set up of Arab food, like majlis, a bright counter and shows menu on the board, etc.
2.1 Company Ownership
Arab Restaurant is a company that is completely private. The restaurant will be owned with Bakheet and Mansoor. In this organization they are held the positions of Manager and then General Manager. Bakheet holds a bachelor degree from university of modern science. Mansoor also has Degree in Business management from University of Modern Science.
2.2 Legal From
The Arab Restaurant will be organized as a Partnership, managed and operated by Bakheet. The Arab Restaurant is registered in the Dubai Food
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Orders will be captured and customers can eat complimentary rolls. The order will print automatically from the printer situated the area of kitchen. The cook will prepare the food based on the order and serve to the client by suppliers. The design of kitchen has been prepared a minimum staff of one cook and a maximum of 4 cooks. This design admits line staffing to be adjusted to the business volume. All the duties of staffs are separate like supplying, cleaning, stock taking and etc.
3.2 Competitive Comparison
Above the other competitors Arab Restaurant has lot of benefits.
• Food items that is unique for only “Arab Restaurant”.
• We believed a high degree of excitement and provide a best outlet with friendly servant that shows the active culture of our company.
• Supporting products items that support the brand building of company.
• Our potato fry is made hundred percentages fresh.
• Our sauce is also hundred percentages fresh without chemical compounds.
• Our new facilities that are innovative will be more impressive than our rivalries
Company Clean Value Merchandising Hangout Simple Fresh Cool Pop culture
Arab Restaurant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
McDonalds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
KFC Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes No
Pizza Hut Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

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