Summary Of Are Our School Lunches Healthy Enough

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In the article, “Are Our School Lunches Healthy Enough?” by Rice William, the author question whether our school lunches are healthy enough. He discusses the Hunger-Free Kids Act, a campaign originated from first lady, Michelle Obama, in 2010 to help fight childhood obesity, which affects 1 in 3 Americans . It can escalate into diabetes and heart disease, which can make a childs life worse and cost the nation millions. Sure it might be a hassle to get kids to eat healthier school lunches, but is it worth it in the long run.

Who wants to live a long and healthy life if so healthy lunches are the way .

“Overweight children are at higher risk of developing a variety of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes” (William Rice page 1 ). This sentenced quote proves that kids who eat healthy school lunches have little or no risks than kids who do eat unhealthy school lunches by stating the consequences of unhealthy eating . Eating healthy school lunches can decrease healthy issues and save the nation millions of dollars . …show more content…

By serving fruits and vegetables, it helps prevent health problems and promotes healthy eating habits. “Studies show most kids have grown to like the new, healthier options” (William Rice, 1). This sentence proved that kids can like the new healthier lunches standards. That also means that it not just healthy for children, it is effective . Healthy school lunches benefit education which is a great reason to agree with healthier school lunches

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