Summary Of Are Too Many People Going To College By Charles Murray

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Are Too Many People Going To College In this essay, Charles Murray is basically talking about that a student should learn most of the information in there high school career. Then most likely already learned what they should learn what they teach in college and it might not be necessary for them to even go to college. Charles Murray also mentioned that the most important knowledge should be learned in the K-8 grades. Then he went out and said that high school career of a student should already be more survey courses. When Charles Murray talked about that student should learn all the information in high school (236) I completely disagree. The reason being, is that there is much more than just going to school learn then going home. School teach us more than just history, math, and science. School teach us how the world is shaped, and how there are many different type of people out there. For example, we learn how to talk to each other and communicate because everyone communicate differently. School also teach us how to talk to people, and meet new friends. School when you are young should be most of your life. We spend around 40 hours a week in school, so there need to be more than just…show more content…
I don’t think all the core knowledge because that is way too much on the student at such young age. Although I do agree that some core knowledge should be learn. For example like the basics of math, history, and science. The reason why I don’t agree with his statement completely is that I think student should have more times for clubs instead of school work all the time. The student should have more fun activities in school time. I think the students should learn the core knowledge partly on their own. The reason being is that there are technologies those days that can give you any information that you ask for. I think that students know a lot more than what we
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