Percy Jackson's Journey

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Percy, the son of Poseidon and a demigod, is a troubled kid with dyslexia and ADHD has been kicked out of several schools. Nevertheless, this is not the least of his problems. Recently, his mom had been turned to dust by a Minotaur, they had met in Montauk. Now he has been placed in a camp for demigods. After settling in, he realizes that he has a quest to get Zeus’ master lightning bolt. With driven goals of saving his mother on the way, he accepts this quest. Although Percy is the prime suspect, he is able to withstand the disgrace to find the bolt. Percy then sets off with his friends Annabeth and Grover to find the lightning bolt. Percy and his friends start their journey to the underworld because they think that Hades is probably…show more content…
This time they enter a shop of beds. There we meet a man who owned the shop. He pleaded Annabeth and Grover to sleep on a bed they like, and as soon as they do, he starts stretching them to be as tall as the bed. I knew who this was, Procrustes, the stretcher. Suddenly, Percy had an idea. He made him sleep on a bed that I was curious about, and when he said ergo the bed started stretching him. Percy quickly drew out his sword and cut the part of the bed that was stretching them. Then he looked into a drawer and saw the address DOA, which they quickly knew was the entrance to the…show more content…
After a long walk, they finally find a place to sit. Consequently, Percy gets worried about what happened. Then suddenly Luke commands a scorpion to come out of the ground. Soon it started climbing on Percy’s leg. Percy asks Luke what happened, and Luke tells him that he was going to destroy Mount Olympus, and Percy was getting in his way. Before Percy could say anything the scorpion poisoned him and he blacked out. After a while Percy got better, and since it was the end of summer, that was the day he got to go back home. Hopefully Percy will probably get through the school year without getting
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